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Are you looking to learn to drive in an AUTOMATIC or MANUAL? We can help. Just simply get in touch with us today to reserve your space

Hereford Driving School
If you’re looking for local driving instructors in Hereford and surrounding areas, then Hereford Driving School should be one of the first driving schools in Hereford you should try first. Hereford Driving School also cover the following areas for driving lessons, Malvern, Bromyard, Ledbury and Leominster. We also cover Monmouth & Worcester too but only for intensive courses.
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The happiest day of your life

For some people, when you pass your driving test it can be one of the best days of your life. The build up of tension and stress can be quite overwhelming and nerve racking too, but if you're prepared and listened to your driving instructor, then you should have nothing to worry about. Find out here how to best prepare for your driving lessons in Hereford

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Pass your test in no time at all

One of the most common questions driving instructors get asked is "how long will it take me to pass my driving test" The only real answer to this is "it all depends on how quickly you learn". It can also depend on the driving school too. Find out here about the different driving schools in Hereford and some of the different ways some operate

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Do you want the best instructor?

Sometimes, it can take you longer to learn with a driving school if you haven't got the right driving instructor for you. But with Hereford Driving School, all of our driving instructors are qualified to a Grade A which is the highest grade a driving instructor can be. You can read more about how to find driving instructors in Hereford that will be right for you.

Helping you learn

Hereford Driving School are motivated in helping you learn the best way possible and are committed in supporting your needs

Staying safe and alive

Understanding what to do on the roads is an important part of learning and staying safe, so to are the theory aspects

Driving test success

You get proper structured lessons that will help you reach the required standard so you can pass your driving test quicker

Are you ready for your test?
Before you can take your driving test, you have to pass your theory test first. Taking driving lessons with a professional driving school such as Hereford Driving School is a good idea as it’s very unlikely that you can just have a few lessons with someone who is not a driving instructor and then go on to pass both your driving test. By taking lessons with a professional driving school ensures that you learn quickly and more importantly, understand what’s required for the test. Have a look at the videos below to give you an idea of how both the theory test and the driving test are conducted.

The theory test

Before you can take or even apply for your driving test, first you need to take and pass the DVSA Theory and Hazard Perception test. You can take your theory test from the day of your 17th Birthday.

The driving test

So, you want to take your driving test. The big question is “are you ready to pass”? No doubt that the driving test can be pretty scary and nerve racking for some people and we’ve all heard horror stories about Driving Examiners.

Show me/tell me questions

There are 21 DVSA Show Me/Tell Me questions that you will need to know before you go to take your driving test. These are also known as “vehicle safety” questions. The Driving Examiner will ask you 2 questions out of the 21.

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My Mission:

Hi, my name is Dev Kumar and I’m the owner operator of Hereford Driving School. Being one of the local driving instructors in Hereford, my main goals are to inform and educate my customers about road safety and the rules of driving. When you take driving lessons, you have to reach a standard before you’re put in for your driving test, a driving instructor is the best person to advise you on this. For every pupil I teach, I ensure learning takes place and value for money is given and you go away with a smile. All driving instructors are governed by the Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) and I have signed the driving instructors code of conduct. This gives you the peace of mind that I am fully qualified and that I follow the best guidelines and practices there are for teaching people to drive. I want to give you the opportunity to ask me any questions on anything driving related – Just click on the button below and post your question to me.

Pass Your Test:

A huge CONGRATULATIONS to Kelsey who is the latest person to pass their driving test with Hereford Driving School. It was such a pleasure to teach you Kelsey and I wish you happy and safe motoring. If you want to pass your test and be just like Kelsey, then just simply get in touch. You can see people just like Kelsey on our Facebook page by clicking here.

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